Concept2048 is a duo of visual artists, Ekaterina Perekopskaya and Rostyslav Brenych, who have been creating individually before starting to work together in 2018 and finally forming an artistic unity in 2021. They specialize in art fashion and conceptual production.

Concept2048 : About Us

The artists also create editorials, 3d animation, any kind of creative content, and advertising.
Their art projects never insist on hard and fast answers but rather leave an array of open-ended questions for the viewers to reflect upon. In their creative works, they try not only to shed light on global issues but also to inspire their spectator to active action in order to change the surrounding reality and sustainable development on the planet. The artists actively involve their audience in the exploration of these issues, encouraging them to think deeply and engage with the subject matter.
The number featured in the duo's name, 2048, symbolizes a not-so-distant future. It serves as a reminder of the significance of taking proactive measures today in order to shape a better tomorrow.
December 2021
Pap Magazine Italy
August 2023
August 2021
Vanidades Mexico
Vanidades Mexico
June 2023
L’Officiel China
Cosmopolitan Bulgaria
May 2021
Grazia Mama Bulgaria
Vanidades Mexico
February 2021
Vogue Russia
Grazia Bulgaria
January 2021
Basic Magazine
September 2020
L’Officiel Arabia
Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan
Marie Claire Hong Kong
Voom Magazine, Slovenia
Gala Greece
August 2020
Marie Claire, Hong Kong
July 2020
NEO2 Magazine, Spain
Glamour Bulgaria
April 2020
Cosmopolitan Serbia
November 2020
L’Officiel Arabia
February 2020
Moevir Magazine, cover story, Paris
October 2020
Scorpio Jin Magazine, Miami, FL
September 2019
Kluid Magazine, Spain
Publications related to fashion projects
September 2023
InStyle Greece
April 2022-November 2022
Organized by the European Cultural Centre (ECC)
59th Venice Art Biennale. Biennial contemporary art exhibition “Personal Structures”, represented by the European Cultural Centre (ECC), Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy.
Art fashion project “Metamorphoses”
Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy
June 2021-April 2023
Exhibition Gallery Local, Barcelona, Spain.
Art fashion project “Illusion of Reality”
September 15-October 15, 2023
5th Andorra International Biennial L’AND ART23,
Art project “Whisper of the Mountains”
October 2020-May 2021
February 23-February 26, 2023
Exhibition Gallery Local, Barcelona, Spain.
Art in Space Gallery, BoulevArt Digital Festival, Dubai.
Art fashion project "Metamorphoses"
Art fashion project “Divinity Descended”
November 16-December 16, 2023
The 2nd Toolip Art Contest 2023, finalist, Toolip Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

Art fashion project “Metamorphoses”
March 1st-May 1st, 2024
International Art Exhibition “Budapest is the New Black”, Toolip Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

Art fashion project “Metamorphoses”
April 20-November 24, 2024
60th Venice Art Biennale. Biennial contemporary art exhibition “Personal Structures”, represented by the European Cultural Center (ECC), Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy.

Art project “Whisper of the Sea”